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iKuai, founded in 2013,owned by Quanxun Huiju Network Technology(Beijing) Co.,Ltd ., is a younger generation of intelligent flow control series products. The company is committed to build the professional, intelligent, advanced and more humanized network coverage with management solution .
iKuai has established its own product credo since its establishment. Our core product is routing, which expands software, hardware, and services around routing. Based on this, ikuai has extended the WLAN product line, switch product line, iKuai Cloud product line, edge storage product line, and SD-WAN product line.
In terms of user creed, unlike traditional network equipment manufacturers, in addition to struggling with products, iKuai is also unique in its communication with users. iKuai has an active product forum. We use online forums, groups and communication salons. Constantly exchange ideas with users and update ideas to new versions. iKuai updates an average of 15 versions each year.,each version integrates user ideas and needs to make iKuai's products closer to users. And we will continue to believe and insist this tradition.
With the rapid development, iKuai has evolved from a single DPI traffic management and control core technology to a company with cloud management, overall network solutions, SD-WAN technology, and edge storage capabilities.
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